A great team, in any industry, isn’t born overnight. In order for a team to be successful, there needs to be a better-than-average foundation and understanding of teamwork. One way that many companies help build this relationship between coworkers and colleagues is to organize team building activities as often as they see fit. For some companies, it might start with a small activity or game every morning to get everyone moving and talking to one another. Others may have a weekly, monthly, or quarterly outing that gets everyone acquainted and interacting with each other with non-work-related material.


UltraStar is a great place for kids to come have fun with their friends and family, but it’s also THE perfect place for companies to organize team building activities like our personal favorites: laser tag or bowling.


We are the only facility in Phoenix that offers Conference Rooms for your meeting with built in Teambuilding activities under the same roof!  We can accommodate 10 to 300 guests for the ultimate teamwork and meeting experience. Billiards, Darts, Shuffle Board, 48 Game Arcade, Field Day, concerts, pick nicks, private movie suites, theater screen gaming…..the possibilities are endless, and you never have to leave the property!  Two of our favorites:


Urban Arena Laser Tag

Shooting for the boss of the year award? You might want to get started on organizing your team’s next UltraStar outing. With two stories and 3,000 square feet of arena space, your team is in for some seriously competitive shooting matches no matter how old or young they are.  While members can play as individuals, we recommend placing colleagues who aren’t already well-acquainted on the same team to help everyone get to know one another.


10 Pins Down Bowling Center

Your employees striking out working together lately?  Not when they are working as a bowling team, purposely getting strikes!  With 24 lanes, state of the art technology, VIP suites and on lane dining, your team will be working together seamlessly, getting new and seasoned colleagues together.


Among countless other options, both laser tag and bowing are great places to take your team if you’re looking to encourage communication with one another. If you’ve recently brought a new team member on board or simply feel they could benefit from getting more comfortable with one another, this is a perfect way to help them improve.


Pricing and Deals

  • Packages start at $21.95 per person and include food and beverage too


For more pricing info or details on how to book your company’s corporate or team building event visit:  http://ultrastaraz.com/events/  and ask for details!